We offer a large variety of products

Graphic arts

  • Uncoated woodfree - Offset, A4 copy, preprint, laser, HP Indigo in reels and sheets
  • Coated Woodfree reels and sheets ( Coated Art Paper, Gloss and silk
  • Recycled Coated paper
  • Bookbinding board
  • Specialty papers and boards (Colors, Laid, bulky, cotton)
  • Color Copy A4/A3
  • Color papers and boards 18gsm-1800gsm
  • Cream Paper (Chamoix in several shades and substances)
  • Bristol Boards
  • Thin Printing Papers
  • Bulky book papers
  • Bible Paper
  • LWC Paper

Packaging P

  • Wrapping paper (bleached and unbleached)
  • MG Pure Kraft plain and ribbed, MF Pure Kraft, Sack
  • MG Recycled & Part Recycled Bleached & Unbleached
  • Kraft, flat & extensible grades
  • Pure Greaseproof Bleached / Unbleached
  • Siliconised Paper for baking
  • PE and ALU laminated papers
  • Papers for general packing & food uses


  • Recycled Duplex/Triplex Boards
  • Packaging Folding box board with PE
  • Cupstock (coated and uncoated)
  • Folding box boards GC1, GC2, GC4, C2S, C1S, SBS, Greyboard

Corrugators paper

  • Kraftliner, White and brown Testliner, Fluting, Semichem
  • PE composite papers Aqua, electrotechnical


  • Self adhesive
  • Metalised beer labels Β Β
  • Coated 1side


  • Security Papers
  • Foam
  • Metallised
  • Greyboard in many combinations one and two sides (white offset, black, bleached and brown kraft , gold and silver foil, Coated Paper lined, PE)
  • Thermal / Carbonless

Pulp & Fluff pulp

  • Starch
  • Chemicals (Starch glue Additives)

Tissue Papers

  • Virgin Fiber
  • Mixed Recycled
  • Recycled
  • Colors

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